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Our Address

2nd & G, Cheney, WA

The foundation works to preserve and develop the 1883 Gothic Revival home built by the Sterling family and occupied by the Moorman family for many years.

The modest house features its original Gothic arch fenestration, wood drop cladding, and a later shed-roof rear addition that housed the kitchen and bath. The hand-hewn beams undergirding the structure show complex peg-and-tenon joinery, revealing the craftsmanship of its builder.

The cost to rehabilitate the building will be covered by grant funding and community donations. If you are able to make a financial donation toward the restoration of the Sterling-Moorman House, mail your contribution to the Sterling-Moorman House Foundation, to:
112 Anderson Road
Cheney, WA 99004

Please mark it clearly as a donation toward the historic house restoration project.