Refined Connection is a full-service online marketing agency that serves small businesses across Washington State. The business is run by Devyn Grillo, a recent University of Washington graduate. Devyn and his small online team have helped dozens of clients such as gyms, dentists, chiropractors, rodeos, realtors, manufacturing plants, fashion stylists, and countless other startups!

One highlight was taking a gym that was on the brink of shutting down and built them back up to a healthy business again all by leveraging online marketing.

Our monthly service specialties include:

  • Social media posting (to keep you top-of-mind)
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads (to get you in front of new targeted people)
  • Website maintenance and SEO (to keep your website up to speed)
  • And more as we dive deeper into growing your business!

Our one-time service specialties include:

  • Videography (to bring your business to life)
  • Website Development (to attract and inform more potential customers)
  • Graphic and Logo Design (to give your business a professional look)

Check out our website to view our marketing packages and sign up today!