Bigger Than Hip Hop: Influence of Hip Hop Culture on Society.

Dr. Okera Nsombi, EWU Africana Studies professor discusses the impact of Hip Hop on culture.

Rapping, one of the elements of Hip Hop culture, originates from several powerful sources: African culture, creativity in the face of poverty and a defiant and resilient cultural and political expression. These forces merged to produce rap music and the other elements of Hip Hop. African Americans and other members of the African Diaspora performed in their homes, parks and other parts of their local communities. The original themes were peace, love, unity and having fun.

In 1998, the transition of music was rap music sales outpaced country music for the first time. White youth are now the largest consumers of rap music. Many whites, LatinX, Asians, etc. can be seen freestyle rapping, using the N-word, telling tales of trap houses and many other things called Black culture or Hip Hop culture. Is this cultural appropriation or something else?